Having been recently inspired by the cryptocurrency craze, I decided to explore my creativity in the NFT (non-fungible token) scene! After a week of purchasing digital art and doing my own research, I became hooked and knew that there was potential for beauty inspired NFTs.


Who ever thought of mixing cryptocurrency with beauty/cosmetics?!


Be on the lookout for my very first drop - Samila Fai / "S" Collection - coming to a NFT marketplace near you! The "S" Collection is specifically focused on close up "selfie" style photos of myself fused with a crypto theme. I am hoping to release even more drops in the near future which will be designed in different styles, each with their own uniqueness pertaining to their specific "Collection ID".

Here's a little teaser of my upcoming "S" Collection!

( For a full look at these pieces, check out my instagram @samilafai )



  Million Degrees Celsius  


  Ocean Protocol